Reinstalling XP on a Toshiba NB100

Sounds like a simple task, but I’ve battled this confounded machine most of this morning, however … I now have a solution!

1) Problems with Stop Errors during XP setup.
These were likely caused by a broken partition table (possibly caused by some nastyness that prompted the reinstall in the first place)
Solution: Boot Ubuntu-on-a-stick and toast the partition table using dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1

2) XP Setup not finding any hard drives
Solution – Set SATA mode to compatible in the bios (note, doing this will mean ubuntu-on-a-stick will no longer see the drive!)

3) XP can’t see the CD drive during the GUI mode of the setup
Solution – Turn off Legacy USB support in the BIOS (The CD Drive will likely stop being bootable)

And this is just so far …!

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